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The ’Shadow of the Antenna’ workshop was set to demonstrate Irbene and its landmark, the RT-32 antenna from the point of view of local people. Agris Bērziņš, an engineer working in the antenna; Zavyanov Gennadiy Ivanovich, a Russian-speaking guard working and partly living in the town of Irbene; and Paula Vitola, a university student from Ventspils all told their stories about how they are related to the radio telescope. Based on these three interviews a report movie was shot presenting how a Soviet building can link different generations together. The classical journalism project focused on finding the essence of living in the shadow of the antenna through personal stories. Resulting in three intriguing short documentaries, presented as a video installation during the exhibition in the RT-32 radiotelescope.

Workshop, Faces in the Shadow of the Antenna,
hosted by Györgyi Retfalvi and Zoltan Gayer, BKF Budapest
Agris Bērziņš, the engineer of the RT-32 radiotelescope
Zavyanov Gennadiy Ivanovich, the Russian speaking guard, of the abandoned Russian town in Irbene
Paula Vitola, a university student from Ventspils