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On the 29th of May the RT-32 Landmark workshop kicked-off. A three day workshop hosted by the Dutch VJ collective WERC. Media artists Joachim Rumke and Jelle Valk introduced a group of enthousiastic students into the world of graphics projections and projection mapping.

Video projection mapping is an upcoming artistic practice where surfaces of mostly architectural work are into a dynamic video displays. The surfaces of the buildings function as a source for fantastic and spectacular video performances and installations.
The aim for this workshop was to develop an enormous video projection mapping on the parabolic antenna of the RT-32 Radio Telescope.

The group worked mostly during the night on several locations in the wild area of Irbene. Equiped with a beamer, some laptops, a generator, ductape, and chalk powder. The first the nights students created ‘Supergraphics’ in the dilapidated buildings of the abandoned Russian town. Supergraphics are gigantic graphics mostly are applied with vibrant colors, usually in geometric shapes, over walls or floors and ceilings to make the illusion of altered space.

During the nights of the IslandCQ festival (1,2 June) the group transformed the RT-32 Radiotelescope into a enormous projection mapping.

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