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1, 2 June, VJ WERC (NL), performance

WERC is a visual collective consists of three artists named Joachim Rümke, Olav Huizer and Jelle Valk. Based in a northern city called Groningen, the Netherlands.

Last year they did a video productions in places like Clash Festival , Off centre Festival, Fiber festival. They spent summer at V2 Rotterdam - Test_Lab: Summer-sessions 2011 and Presented there work at ISEA in Istanbul.

They will make video projection mapping on the parabolic antenna of the RT-32 Radio Telescope located at the Soviet top-secret espionage center 'Zvaigznite' ('Little Star') in the wild area of Irbene.
1 June, Bernurits/antireality (LV), music

Bernurits is a sound art project, developed in 2007 in Riga by a group of like-minded architects. Is a platform for collaboration in fields of sound, communication and space exploration amongst preconception free enthusiasts of all/no specialities. Researches as well as public performances depend on common input of participants. That result in space-involving acts of nonverbal communication and deep listening. Methods and instruments employed evolve, expand and regress according to collective impute, maintaining attentiveness as universal medium of understanding.
2 June, Clausthome (LV), music/performance
Clausthome is noise and electronic musicians are Riga (Latvia) based artists' groups that experiments with the resources available in electro-acoustic, computer and cyber environments in creating their sounds and visuals.

Performance will involve the RT-32 Radio Telescope transforming its data and all his properties in new sounds and music. Performance will be based on results of workshop - Unknown planet - electromagnetic fantasy trip to inner universe, away from Earth. Together with Rasa Smite, Martins Ratniks and students.

2 June, Gas of Latvia (LV), music/performance

The experimental electronic music of Latvia undoubtlessly for many associates firstly with Gas of Latvia or Andris Indans who in his 20 year long musical activities hasn’t stopped to change and surprise. Creative roots of Indians can be found in industrial rockmusic, but in his last 10 year repertory we can hear almost all history of experimental electronic music of that period. Despite the search of new forms, his existence to a great extent is in his experimentalism and changeability, he has individual style. Ambient and contrasting noisy layers were always present in his diverse music styles, at times joining together seemingly opposite sounds and feelings. His last year music has dense and exquisite digital scenes. Giving way to drone focus and ambient noise freedom, he has found his most convincing, creative range. With the help of minimalism he demonstrates the possibility of noise and electronic lyric to coexist.
Andris Indans will perform together with famous Latvian video artist Katrina Neiburga.
Lunachord (NL), music/performance

Inspired by the first vehicle that landed on the moon, classic science fiction movies, the fascination to leave earth and exploring the boundaries of space, Erik Middendorp and Samuel van Dijk present their concept Lunachord in the form of a live performance in which they lead the audience in to an audiovisual journey through atmospheres, landscapes and space.
This (original 2 man formation) "band" makes tough, broken breaks for "gezellige" peoples. Serious head nodding music with a lot of humour. You will listen and dance to a blend of hiphop, electro, hardcore rave, disco, jazz for astronauts and cat-lovers.