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Joined experimental workshops on signal moduling "Unknown planet"

"Unknown planet" combined two workshops – worshop on sound (led by Lauris Vorslavs, Girts Radzins) and video (Martins Ratniks).

During those workshops the participants investigated different types of modulation by using analog and digital technologies. The works where realized through sound and image "modulation" approach. "Modulation" means change of electromagnetic wave parameters. Also in music "modulation" refers to a process in which the tones change. In culture of electronic music and digital image, modulation has a new feature – the sound and image signals can be converted from analog to digital (and the other way around), changing variety of parameters, creating a wide spectrum of soundscape and image scape.

The data that is being sent and received by the antenna will be the main information, whereby participants had an immovable amount of material to work with. By transforming this real-time data, and all his properties, new images and sounds where conceived.

The end result of this workshop was presented in the speciacl closing performance of IslandCQ, on Saturday June 2nd.