Island CQ
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Island Creative Quarantine is an international, interactive meeting place between students, teachers, scientists and artists from the various partner universities from Finland, Latvia, Hungary and the Netherlands.

IslandCQ researches the rapidly changing world, from the perspectives of art, technology, ecology, humanity, and society. The island of Ameland as micro cosmos and playground for experiment, exchange, and encounter. The goal is to formulate new definitions and strategies for a sustainable future.

From November 4 till November 15 2010, the Dutch island Ameland forms a temporal laboratory for all kinds of workshops and exhibitions on media, art, technology and sustainable development. This year leading themes are play and sustainability.

A group of 45 international students collaborate in 9 intensive workshops, of which the results will be exposed during a two days exhibition on November 12 and 13.  Additional to the exhibition there will be a program of lectures and performances.

IslandCQ takes place during Ameland Art Month November 2010. A cultural highlight in the month of November and an island-wide exhibition. This year lasting from 1 November through 28 November.

IslandCQ is not part of the Art Month, but invites everybody on the island to come over and watch the exhibition, the lectures and performances.